Titanium Rings and Titanium Wedding Bands

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Gold Titanium Band w Three Cubic Zirconia
Two tone gold titanium band with three brilliant cubic zirconia. Item # CBR034 ..
Gold Titanium Band with Cubic Zirconia
Gold titanium band with brilliant cubic zirconia circling the entire band in sets of three. Item..
Gold Titanium Band with Cubic Zirconia Center
Gold titanium band with a brilliant cubic zirconia center circling the entire band. Item # CBR30..
Grooved Black Titanium Band
Black titanium ring with grooves. Item # CBR204..
Men's Titanium Band with Cubic Zirconia
Titanium ring features beautiful cz. Item # CBR030..
Titanium Band  with Twirl Black Rope
Black titanium ring with twirl black rope design. Item # CBR003..
Titanium Band w Black Carbon Fiber
Titanium ring with black carbon fiber inlay. Item # CBR035..
Titanium Band w Cubic Zirconia
Titanium ring features sparkling cubic zirconia on the face of the two tone band. Item..
Titanium Band w Gold Center Piece
Titanium band with a gold center. Item # CBR309 ..
Titanium Band w Steel Mesh
Titanium ring with steel mesh center. Item # CBR020..
Titanium Band w Three Cubic Zirconia
Titanium ring with three brilliant round cubic zirconia stones. Item # CBR083 ..
Titanium Band w Three Cubic Zirconia
Titanium ring with three cubic zirconia stones. Item # CBR081 ..
Titanium Band w Unique Pattern Cubic Zirconia
Titanium ring with a unique pattern of cubic zirconia stones. Item # CBR040 ..
Titanium Band with Carbon Fiber Rope
Titanium ring features a carbon fiber twirl rope in a high-polish band. Item # CBR219 ..
Titanium Band with Cubic Zirconia
Men's titanium ring with cubic zirconia stones. Item # CBR094 ..
Titanium Band with Cubic Zirconia
Titanium ring with cubic zirconia in a matte finish band. Item # CBR039 ..
Titanium Band with Double Grooves
Titanium ring features a satin finish band and high-polish double center grooves. Item # CB..
Titanium Band with Dual Finish
Titanium ring features a dual finished 7.5 mm band. Item # CBR305..
Titanium Band with Gold Inlay
Titanium band with a mirror finish and a beautiful design gold inlay. Item # CBR065 ..
Titanium Band With Two Gold Strips
Titanium band with two gold strips. Item # CBR078 ..


About Our Titanium Rings

Titanium is a very lightweight metal but approximately seven times stronger than platinum. Our titanium rings will not bend, break, or crack. These characteristics along with its astonishing luster, makes titanium highly desirable and distinctive. Because titanium is so light weight it is incredibly comfortable to wear.

Our titanium rings are 100% hypoallergenic and resistant to any kind of corrosion.

If you are looking for a light weight ring with substantially strength that is comfortable to wear all day long, then our titanium rings are the best choice for you. As men’s titanium wedding bands, our rings make a unique statement.

Quick Overview of Our Titanium Rings

•    Our titanium rings are extremely light but 7 x stronger platinum

•    Our titanium rings will not break, bend or crack

•    Our titanium rings are resistant to any kind of corrosion

•    Our titanium rings are 100% hypoallergenic

•    Our titanium rings come with a 30 day return policy

Titanium Wedding Bands

Our titanium rings are ideal for both men and women as a wedding band. Couples all over the world have our titanium ring as their wedding bands. As a men's titanium wedding band, the stylish natural color of titanium seems to go well with everything.  As a women's titanium wedding band, it is ideal for everyday wear.

Black Titanium Rings

Our black titanium rings go through a heating process with creates the infused black color which is incredible durable. Make a statement with our black titanium rings which are stylish and popular.

Abalone Titanium Rings

Our titanium rings with abalone inlay encircles the entire band. The incrustations found on the natural abalone shell provide an iridescent swirl of intense colors which can be seen as the light refracts within the crystallized layers.

Titanium Rings with Inlay (such as carbon, gold, wood, etc)

Our titanium rings with inlay designs are crafted by hand. The inlay, such as carbon fiber, lies underneath a strong mineralized centerpiece which enhance the shimmering facets of the inlay below, and provides a smooth transitional surface between the titanium ring and centerpiece. The mineralized layer is incredible durable, similar to those found on expensive watches. Rest assure you will love our titanium rings with inlay design.

Titanium Jewelry Care

Titanium is hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant, and is virtually maintenance-free. To keep your titanium jewelry looking new,  always remove jewelry before washing hands or working with harsh objects. To clean, simply wipe with soft damp cloth. With proper care, you can rest assure that your titanium jewelry will remain in pristine just-like new condition for years to come.