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Sterling Silver Carnelian Cross Necklace
Women's necklace crafted in sterling silver with a unique cross pendant with carnelian stones. Cl..
Sterling Silver Flower Necklace
Women's necklace with a sterling silver flower pendant on a black suede cord. Clasp: Lobster Clas..
Sterling Silver Hammered Necklace
Women's necklace features a sterling silver hammered sphere pendant dangling from a black tri-cord c..
Sterling Silver Heart Tag Necklace
Women's necklace in sterling silver features a large hear tag and toggle clasp. Clasp: Toggle Cla..
Sterling SIlver Turquoise Necklace
Women's necklace crafted in sterling silver features an exquisite silver pendant with a turquoi..
Tiger Eye & Shell Necklace
Women's necklace features tiger eye and mother-of-pearl with a beautiful leopard shell pendant. P..


About Our Necklace in Sterling SIlver and Leather Cords

Our beautiful necklace are crafted with the finest semi-precious stones and set in sterling silver. Most of the necklace are available in many popular semi-precious stones including amethyst, mother-of-pearl, jade, rose quartz, onyx, turquoise, tiger eye and more.

Sterling Silver Necklaces

All of our sterling silver necklaces have are hand crafted with great detail. Sterling silver necklaces have a classic look which will always be in style.

Onyx Necklace

Onyx is a popular stone for jewelry as it provides a naturally black color. Our onyx necklaces are polished to a high glossy shine. Our beautiful onyx necklaces are available with other semi-precious stones. Our onyx necklaces go well with black dresses and outfits. Great for everyday wear.

Tiger Eye Necklace

Our sterling silver tiger eye necklaces are great for every day wear. The beautiful natural color of tiger eye stones have been transformed into our fashionable tiger eye necklaces. Hand-crafted with attention to detail, each stone on our tiger eye necklaces are hand polished and set with sterling silver.

Mother of Pearl Necklace

Unique and mysterious, mother of pearl necklaces make a true fashion statement. The natural swirls of the mother of pearl provides a very subtle hint of color. Our mother of pearl necklaces are great for everyday wear. Mother of pearl necklaces are hand crafted with attention to detail.

Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst is a natural stone which we polish to a high gloss shine. The unique light purple color of our Amethyst necklaces provides a wonderful but modest contrast to any outfit.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Make a statement with the beautiful natural colors found in our freshwater pearls necklaces. Our hand selected freshwater pearl necklaces add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Paua Shell Necklace

Paua are tropical shells which have been highly polished to bring out their natural luster & intense colors, which can be seen as the light refracts within the crystallized layers. All of our Paua shell necklaces are hand crafted with attention to detail. These shells are native only to the seas of New Zealand. Our hand-crafted Paua shell necklaces are great for any occasion.

Carnelian Necklace

Our Carnelian necklaces are polished to a high shine and hand set in sterling silver. Carnelian is brownish-red mineral which is commonly used in jewelry.

Necklace Jewelry Care

To keep your necklaces looking new, always remove them before showering or swimming. To clean, simply wipe with soft damp cloth. With proper care, you can rest assure that your Necklace will always shine and look great.

Quick Overview of Our Necklace

•    Our necklaces are hand-crafted in sterling silver

•    Our necklaces have high polished semi-precious stones

•    Our necklaces come with a 30 day return policy